When Attendance is Critical: How to Prevent Cancellations & Promote RSVP Responsibility

For some of your events, cancellations are not an option. You have invested a lot into your event. Your team has organized the venue, facilities, AV needs, supplies, food, drinks, scheduling, invitations, flyers and other promotional materials. You've locked down a VIP speaker, great event sponsors and wonderful giveaways.

And, naturally, you have asked that students RSVP responsibly with the firm intention to attend.

Good news: We have created an option to prevent cancelation for specific Registration Options in your events. When you check off this option, your event will not display a cancel button as an option for students who registered for it. This helps to make an event mandatory and to ensure increased attendance at your most important events.

Tracking attendance of your events through Groupment helps you to easily identify, touch base and motivate students with poor attendance, as well as reward your students who are consistently showing up to events for which they register.

For more information on events and attendance tracking in Groupment, please feel free to contact us or book a demo. We'd love to hear from you!