How to Ease the Organization of a Campus Election

Facilitate student leader elections online: Create a ballot, announce, promote, click & vote! 

A new school year means new officers are being elected for campus organizations, clubs and student government. Before that can happen, though, elections need to be organized. Daunting task, right?

Not anymore. Administrators and Officers are saving time and dramatically increasing voter turnouts by setting up elections through Groupment. The Survey module offers a secure way to facilitate the election process. Everything’s already in your toolkit to maximize student awareness and involvement.

Create a Ballot

The Survey module allows groups to list leadership positions along with a list of candidates for each position, each with an accompanying description and video link. All candidate information is in one accessible location. You set the rules: require login, ensure each student only votes once, make answers mandatory, disable editing of submitted answers and more.

Announce & Promote

Share your election and instructions with Groupment’s built-in communication tools such as your school homepage, top-of-the-page announcement, group news feed, newsletters and blog. Ask your candidates to post photos and videos on the group feed. Set up the election as an event, and it will be visible in everyone’s calendar. Remind your members to vote on election day with a campus-wide alert notification.

Click & Vote

Students vote from anywhere, even on the go with the iPhone or Android app. Check submissions in real-time, view detailed results and download into Excel. Send a friendly email reminder that targets just the students who have not yet voted.


Be sure to congratulate your new campus leaders! You may want to let them know about these features available to them as officers.

Have you organized an election through Groupment?  We hope you’ll share your experience with us.  We love to hear from you!

Want to learn more? Check out this quick tutorial on using Groupment for your election, or feel free to contact us for a demo!