Lottery System for Events & Treks: A Fair Shot for Popular Events That Sell Out Fast

Limited tickets? Provide equal opportunity access to your students!

Some events are so popular they are sold out in minutes. This sometimes seems unfair for students who are traveling or otherwise unavailable at the exact moment when registrations open.

Groupment's lottery system enables school administrators to allow all of their students equal opportunity to purchase tickets for a popular event. Students simply select the event(s) they would like to attend, and they'll be entered into a lottery that automatically determines a set number of students selected to participate.

A Fair Shot at Spring Break Treks

At NYU Stern, about 10 spring break treks are organized each year. Some of the treks are incredibly popular (Japan being the most popular trek), and each year, the sign-up to these treks disappointed some students who were not online when the sign-up process was opening.

To make this a fair opportunity to all students, Groupment partnered with NYU Stern to create the lottery system. Students have a number of points available which they have to assign to each trek they would like to attend. After the bidding process is completed, the lottery is run, and treks are assigned to students based on the points they assigned. Students with the same number of points will be assigned randomly.

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