Admissions: How can Groupment boost applications, accepts and retention?

Everything you need in one place

Market your school among prospective and newly-admitted students with a centralized, powerful platform which simplifies processes and communication.

Market Your School

  • Create beautiful and engaging club websites to help convey to applicants how vibrant student life and activities are at your program.

  • Reach out to prospective students with beautifully-designed, school-branded emails and newsletters.

  • Target the right audience at the right time through segmentations of your email communications.

  • Engage applicants through interactive features and a unique mobile experience.

  • Generate student life stats & facts to help better market your school among prospective students.

  • Integrate admissions and career services departments by showcasing recruiting events and on-site corporate presentations.

Organize Admissions Processes

  • Set up an online form to help potential students book a campus visit.

  • Configure automated matching between applicants and a student ambassador.

  • Manage all events, tours and interviews with robust calendaring system.

  • Create a successful gamification strategy to provide an engaging application and admissions process, improving application yield.

  • As applicants join your admission group, create checklists to engage them into discovering your program.

  • Access dashboards and key metrics to help you measure ROI of recruitment efforts.

Maximize Retention of Newly Admitted Students

  • Engage early admits with a dedicated mobile app to access and share news posted by staff and student ambassadors.

  • Allow students to access targeted information on relevant events (such as campus visits).

  • Create an exclusive group for admitted students inside Groupment.

  • Send news and updates to admitted students via email and push notifications.

  • Automatically match newly admitted students to current students with Groupment buddying program, following matching criteria filters such as origin country, language, gender, etc.

For more information on Groupment Admissions tools or to set up a demo, please do not hesitate to contact us or to request a demo. We'd love to hear from you!