Helpful Tools to Maximize Your School's Orientation Week


Orientation is always a very exciting moment for students who arrive on campus and want to know everything about their upcoming experience as a student. They're eager to network and get to know other students and potential connections arriving at school at the same time.

Groupment can design a unique online and mobile experience for your incoming students!

An orientation website tailored for your school

  • Create a dedicated website providing all information students and families need for your school's orientation. (Your responsive orientation website can be harmoniously browsed, read and navigated from any mobile device.)
  • Facilitate easy, accessible communication and coordination among students, families and staff.
  • Provide a day-by-day agenda with all different events and sessions.
  • Highlight a list of speakers and panels.
  • Display a map of the campus.
  • List cohorts and students in each cohort.
  • Allow your new students to log in, register to events, and message other students in their cohort or another cohort.
  • View profiles of other students.

Dedicated mobile apps

In addition to a responsive website, we design dedicated iPhone and Android apps for your school orientation.

  • Allow students to post on a feed during the orientation.
  • Post photos and comments during events, maximizing engagement during the entire orientation period.
  • School administrators in charge of orientation can post announcements and last-minute changes on the feed. Through the app, send push notifications to all students in the orientation.

Tracking attendance

2nd year students and administrators who are in charge of organizing orientation can use the Groupment mobile apps to track attendance at events. If students have a student ID, they can swipe their card in an iPhone, iPad or Android device at the door of the event. This integrated system will allow you to collect data about event attendance throughout the orientation period.


On top of your orientation website and app, you can activate a wallet and order QR code bracelets which allow students to buy drinks and food during the entire event and also to check in when entering an event.

This is a great way to track attendance at all your events.


We also offer the option to create custom videos to introduce the school to your students. These videos consist of interviews with students and administrators and a quick tour of your campus. The Groupment team advises scripts, shoots and edits your video for you.

Planning for the summer and fall?  Please contact us for more information on how we can help enhance your upcoming orientation week!