NASPA 2015: Helping Students to Navigate with Courage

NASPA 2015, New Orleans, LA

Helping Students Develop Key Skills for Success

NASPA 2015 Conference shattered records by connecting over 7,800 attendees, including 3,000 first-timers. In a room full of thousands of people who have committed their lives to enhancing the lives of young men and women around the world, it is clear just how vital student affairs professionals are to the success and well-being of each and every student. This mentoring relationship begins by a simple consideration: "We all have stories to tell."  Everyone has a voice, and they all deserve to be heard. 

Importance of Student Affairs

Helping students learn to navigate with courage requires a broad, comprehensive view of the deep complexity of the student experience, both in and out of the classroom. Issues such as bullying directly effect retention and degree completion. Students' success depends tremendously on the guidance and mentorship of Student Affairs administrators, and one of the best ways to help facilitate students' engagement in campus life is through a strong and robust communications system.

Student Engagement with Groupment

Student Engagement with Groupment

Vital to student engagement are two essential elements: opportunities must be created (for and by students), and students must be aware that these opportunities exist, through effective event and group management. In partnership with administrative leaders, Groupment at its core strives to help schools maximize opportunities for student involvement and leadership, to help students thrive, excel, connect and lead, and to equip administrators with the best productivity tools to address the individual needs of each university program.

Theme:  Navigating With Courage

Guest speaker, Dr. Jennifer Arnold, shared her philosophy on how to help students achieve the goals they set, to care for students professionally and mentally, to rise above obstacles and to teach students how to cope with stress in a productive manner.

Here's a quick look at her advice on Thinking Big:

A Unique Toolbox for Your Community & Mission

Groupment helps schools achieve Student Affairs missions, to simplify complicated processes and to centralize content, data and tools.  Our campus partners efficiently communicate with students, allow them to join groups and develop skills via enriching group opportunities and activities, and effectively foster, track and assess student engagement.

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