9 Innovative Ways to Promote Your Events: Beyond Banners and Sidewalk Chalk

Extend your reach and boost attendance at events with Groupment's campus engagement tools.

Planning an event? Groupment can help you engage your community and get the word out about your upcoming event.

Here are 9 tools in your Groupment arsenal to maximize exposure of your next event:

  1. Calendar.  Events created on Groupment are automatically added to your school’s Calendar of events for everyone to see. You’re already off to a great start!

  2. News Feed.  Once your event is created, a pop up allows you to post the event on the school feed. Your  message will be displayed on the Home Page for every student when they log on Groupment.

  3. Group Email Announce by email, targeting specific groups of students, or add event detailsinto your next newsletter. Seamlessly embed your event into a ready-to-go template from within your Groupment account. You can also share your published email and event registration link on your school and/or group news feeds.

  4. Blog.  Post about the event on your group blog:  before, during and after. Don’t forget to mention any giveaways -- a sure fire way to boost attendance.

  5. PhotosPost exciting, relevant photos on your group web site. Invite participants to upload their event-related photos into the stream.

  6. Social.  Share your event link on social networks -- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Events (great way to target alums), etc. Create a hashtag for the event and ask participants and attendees to use it, also. This can both archive and expand the breadth of your event.

  7. Live promotion.  Be sure to have materials out during your preceding events and at information tables on campus for guests to see. Have them RSVP for the event on your computer, tablet or smartphone while they munch on some “propacandy” (attach a little label with your design on candy to distribute). Collect participant names to add to your Groupment contact list for future communication.    

  8. Survey Get interactive. After your event, create a survey on your Groupment web site to gain feedback from the guests who attended to help plan for your next event with CG’s analytical tools.  More on Surveys

  9. Connect + Cross-promote.  Co-sponsor with other groups. Invite student and community groups to attend and help publicize through their resources. Coordinate with a theme, charity, or presenter’s book signing. Add a panel discussion featuring VIP guests. Inquire with professors whether they might offer extra credit for attending your event.

Effectively market your events to college students.

And if you need more promotional materials, the Groupment Design Team can help create custom posters and brochures, dedicated conference websites and more.

So many ways to get the word out. We invite you to share your own successful ideas for promoting your campus events.

For more information on Groupment Admissions tools or to set up a demo, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!